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Paulina Kaszuba-Krzepicki Interior Designer & Architect

„Interior designing is my profession, my vocation and my passion. I love, what I do and I`am doing it out of choice”

Paulina Kaszuba was born on 29th June, 1984 in London. Most of her childhood she spent in Poland.

She graduated from The High School, Sopot, then left for Italy and Spain to improve her fluency in Italian and Spanish at language schools.

She took her Bachelor`s degree of Art in Interior and Industrial Designing in Florence, Italy. The diploma has been given to her either by the Academia Italiana (diploma) or the University of Wales (bachelor`s degree).

While studying she completed a few interior designing projects for „Idea Developer”, the Warsaw firm, and worked on commission for individual clients.

After studies she served her 6 month apprenticeship at „Bussines Design”, the company located in Gdynia. Then she left for New York,where she set up in practice at „Pollack” one of the main American firms specialising in textile for the interiors.In the meantime, from August till October 2009 she broadened her knowledge concerning traditional interior designing at „Richard`s Interiors”.

In September that year, she was employed by the rising company „Nico” (founded after transformation the „Serfatty Associates”) specialising in untypical bathroom accessories.

One of the designs will soon appear on the US market, a very innovative idea.

In the end of her one year lasting stay, while working for „Nico” and practising for „Pollack” she set up in 3 month practice in the „Drake Interior Design”, company owned by Jamie Drake, one of the most eminent interior designer, who designs e.g. for the mayor of New York City - Michael Bloomberg.

Most of her time Paulina spends travelling, visiting the most important Interior Fairs, exhibitions, museums to get acquainted with the newest trends and cultures.

Thanks to her openness to experiences and motivation to discover new „paths”, she inspires herself to create the untraditional entirre vision by putting multicultural elements together,using obviously also the newest technologies concerning architecture and pattern designing. That is the reason why her interior designs are truly unique and innovative!

In her creation she refers to the two of Le Corbussier`s principles: „A house is a machine for living in” and „Space and light, and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”.

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